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Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue Streams ‘Kiss Me Once’

Why not follow up a post about atmospheric black metal with some bouncy pop melodies by Kyle Minogue? The artist will be releasing her twelfth studio album, Kiss Me Once, March 17 via Warner Bros. This will be her first album in four years, which is the follow-up to Aphrodite. As a treat to fans, […]


Trailer for Ashton Kutcher Led Biopic ‘Jobs’ Hits the Web

Well it’s finally here. We’ve been teased for a while now about the Steve Jobs biopic, Jobs, but today we get the first full-length trailer. The trailer shows Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs building Apple from the ground up, and the troubles that came with developing the now legendary company. Jobs tells the story of Steve […]

pedestrian verse frightened rabbit

STREAM: Frightened Rabbit – ‘Pedestrian Verse’

Scottish mopey indie folkers Frightened Rabbit have been going strong for years. Though to hear them tell it, they might be more inclined to swim out to sea until they can’t see land rather than keep kicking the can down the road with this whole “music career” thing. I hope they can keep up whatever […]

The Guardian talks OFWGKTA

The Guardian has joined the dozens of other publications just now hopping on the Odd Future bandwagon. Click here to read their article on OFWGKTA and DON’T FORGET to BUY Goblin when it hits stores TOMORROW.

The Guardian claims rock n’ roll is dead

According to popular UK publication The Guardian, rock n’ roll is dead. Do you agree?