the heroes of modern earth

The Heroes of Modern Earth as a trio - 2012

Heroes of Modern Earth Release Debut EP

The Heroes Of Modern Earth have finally finalized and released their debut, 5 track, self-titled EP. It’s now available on their Bandcamp page for a measly $5. Lead singer/songwriter Amanda Hyrns recorded the album with Matt Dalton and Craig Owens at 37 Studios in Michigan. Upon returning home, she rounded up some of her musically […]

Heroes Of Modern Earth

The Heroes Of Modern Earth Stream Two New Songs

It’s 2012 and thus far, the outpour of new music has been rather slow. A trickle of a few singles here and there aren’t quite enough to quench my undying thirst for fresh tunes, but they are better than dehydrating from a complete lack of it. Wetten your whistles with two brand new songs from […]