The King Of Limbs


Radiohead Are Recording a New Album in September

At the beginning of this year, Radiohead fans were ecstatic to hear Colin Greenwood say the band’s plans to record new material were up in the air. As indefinite as that was, it still meant there was the possibility of new music. Today, Jonny Greenwood tells us that we may not have to wait that much longer […]


Radiohead Announce West Coast Tour Dates

Radiohead have propelled back in to the spotlight with their Coachella announcement, as well as the latest demo releases, and the group are not stopping there. They have announced an entire string of West Coast touring dates in March and April, that are going to be the best performances of their career. The group are […]


STREAMS: Radiohead – The Daily Mail/Staircase

Radiohead have released two tracks, off of their Basement session from earlier this year, entitled “The Daily Mail” and “Staircase.” This mixtape goes on sale through digital retailers, such as iTunes, later today (December 19). Both songs missed out on being apart of Radiohead’s latest release The King Of Limbs but find a home right […]


Live From The Basement With Radiohead

In our generation we discover very few group that truly shape the way our world views music and Radiohead is certainly one of those bands. Their ability to change shape and manipulate form instantaneously is absolutely astounding. The group were filmed performing their song “Supercollider” on Live In The Basement, this past summer, and the […]


Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood on Jimmy Fallon

Radiohead members Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood performed on Jimmy Fallon last night. The two band members performed the single  “Give Up the Ghost,” which hails from their latest album The King of Limbs. It’s always a treat to watch these artists play so be sure to catch it right here on UTG. To watch […]


Radiohead Perform on SNL

Saturday Night Live was fortunate enough to have legendary experimental group Radiohead perform on the program. If you haven’t seen the guys live then this is the opportunity to see what you’ve been missing out on. By clicking past the jump you can watch their eerie performance of The King Of Limbs track “Lotus Flower”, […]

Radiohead perform on ‘Live From The Basement’

BBC recently hosted veteran rock act Radiohead on their program Live From The Basement to perform The King of Limbs in its entirety. Watch the entire performance by simply clicking past the link. Watch and enjoy.

Radiohead performs “Staircase” for session

Watch as Radiohead performs a song off of the group’s last album The King Of Limbs, called “Staircase,” that can be viewed here on UTG. This performance comes from the upcoming “From The Basement” sessions.

Radiohead performing ‘The King Of Limbs’ live on BBC

It has been revealed that Radiohead will be performing their latest album, The King of Limbs, live in its entirety. This 55-minute BBC broadcast of the group will air internationally on July 1st. If you absolutely can’t for this performance to air watch their previous live act by looking below.

STREAM: Radiohead – The Butcher & Supercollider

UTG is exclusively streaming a pair of Radiohead songs that were released yesterday, on Record Store Day. Both of these are unreleased songs from their most recent album, The King of Limbs. You can hear “The Butcher” and “Supercollider” on the Soundcloud stream below. Guitarist Ed O’Brien stated that: ‘The Butcher’ is from the King […]

Stream: Radiohead ‘The King Of Limbs’

Review Rinse Repeat is currently streaming Radiohead‘s new album The King Of Limbs that can be heard by clicking past the link.

Music video: Radiohead “Lotus Flower”

Radiohead’s long awaited album The King Of Limbs is now available thanks to the group pushing the release forward. Buy it here and view the music video for their song “Lotus Flower” after the jump!