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Weekend Box Office Results: January 18-20

This weekend saw Zero Dark Thirty losing it’s spot to the new kid on the block: Guillermo Del Toro’s latest dark brain-child: Mama. To my own personal surprise, Schwarzenegger’s latest flick, The Last Stand, hardly made a dent on this weekend’s top 10 films with only $6.3 million in sales and a spot on the […]


UTG LIST: 10 Essential Arnold Schwarzenegger Films

We strive to bring you the best featured content in the timeliest manner possible, but sometimes we lock horns and cannot stop debating a particular list until after our scheduled release. If we had a time machine this would have gone out on Friday, but sometimes the best things in life require a little bit […]


MOVIE REVIEW: The Last Stand

Film: The Last Stand Director: Kim Ji-woon Writer: Andrew Knauer Studio: di Bonaventura Pictures Remember Arnold Schwarzenegger? No, not the Governor of California, I mean the real Arnold. The one that kicked a lot of ass and blew tons of stuff up. The Arnold that shot a helicopter through a building with a missile that had a guy on it after saying “You’re […]