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The Longest Week Movie Review 2014

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘The Longest Week’ Is A Wes Anderson Film Without The Whimsy

Film: The Longest Week Starring: Jason Bateman, Billy Crudup Directed by: Peter Glanz While watching this oft-times lifeless tale about the bourgeoisie never growing up, I imagined a universe in which Wes Anderson and author Jonathan Ames may have met and collaborated. Anderson being the indie favorite director of such visually delectable films as The […]

The Longest Week (2014) Trailer (Screengrab)

‘The Longest Week’ Trailer: Jason Bateman and Billy Crudup Fight Over Olivia Wilde

Holy shit, everyone. I found a movie starring Jason Bateman where he does not play a middle-aged man stuck in a thankless job with a lot of growing up left to do. It’s close, but it’s not the same! The Longest Week tells the story of Conrad Valmont (Bateman). Just passed the age of 40, […]