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MUSIC VIDEO: Attack Attack! – The Motivation

Attack Attack! have released their music video for “The Motivation” and can be seen here on Under The Gun Review. The video has a pretty simple premise, keep running from the scary thing that is chasing you. With a pinch of bad acting, bullet-proof vests, and huge sabres, AA almost pull it off. This song […]

attack attack this means war

VIDEO TEASER: Attack Attack! – The Motivation

Just days after premiering their new single “The Motivation,” Ohio’s Attack Attack! are back with a preview of their upcoming music video. Intended to help promote the January 17 release of This Means War, the video for “The Motivation” evokes the same uneasy feeling of a independent horror, only with a few dozen extra chugs. […]

attack attack this means war

STREAM: Attack Attack! – The Motivation

Attack Attack! have premiered a new song from their forthcoming album and UTG has the stream. Pairing their typical ferocious growls and chugs, Attack Attack! venture into a world of pop sensibilities with “The Motivation.” Click through to stream the song and discover what we mean. If you ask us, this is a good step […]