the possession



Everything is terrible and no one went to the movies. This weekend reported the worst numbers seen since 2008 for this time of year. The Possession held strong atop the charts, but it still dropped 46 percent in revenue from last week. The new film The Words barely clings to life in the number three spot, not even […]

Natasha Calis stars as ‘Em’ in THE POSSESSION.  Photo credit: Diyah Pera

BOX OFFICE RESULTS: August 31 – September 2

It was a very slow weekend for movies (especially for The Oogieloves) but that did not stop The Possession from claiming the top spot at the box office in the name of horror. Trailing behind the Raimi endorsed scare-fest was Lawless, which did not make much, but that is to be expected as this holiday weekend is always filled with people […]


HOLY SH!T: Demons Run Amuck In The First Trailer For “The Possession”

Exorcism movies have attempted many times to make a comeback over the last twenty years, and most the time the results were met with poor box office returns and pissed off horror fans. Call us crazy, but the upcoming film The Possession may be the golden goose Hollywood has been seeking. Forget for a second […]