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EDITORIAL: Love You Like A Sister – Kathleen Hanna, Feminism And ‘The Punk Singer’

When I was in college, I went through a phase where “Sugar” by Bikini Kill was the answering machine message on my phone. I was young and nonchalent, so myself and my two best friends recorded ourselves singing it (woefully) and set it as the message that all rejected callers would hear. It seems like […]


UTG at AFI: 10 Films You Need to See at AFI Docs Film Festival

AFI Docs, the East Coast’s premiere documentary film festival starts tomorrow in Washington, DC, and here at UTG we’re excited to cover it and give you the scoop on what will be some of the best documentaries that 2013 has to offer. With a few world premieres and exclusive screenings, we’ve collected a list of […]


AFI DOCS Announces Lineup for this Year’s Documentary Film Festival

AFI DOCS (formerly known as AFI Silver Docs), released their schedule for this year’s film festival, and the list is filled with what we’re sure will be an amazing lineup of documentary films. Stationed in Washington, DC, AFI DOCS is the premiere documentary film festival on the East Coast, and is also considered one of the […]