the stomach for it


REVIEW: The Bunny The Bear – The Stomach For It

Artist: The Bunny The Bear Album: The Stomach For It Genre: Experimental/Electro/Hardcore/Rock Label: Victory I’m predicating the entire review on the assumption that this is not a serious band, but a bunch of dudes who decided to wash some pills down with vodka and go into a recording studio. You couldn’t honestly release this and […]

the bunny the bear 2012

LYRIC VIDEO: The Bunny The Bear – Soul

After weeks of trying to avoid the inevitable, The Bunny The Bear have released the ridiculous-looking lyric video for their track “Soul.” This honestly some of the worst music we have been subjected to in months. UTG’s initial battle with scene kids over if this band’s music was listenable proved that this group seems to […]

the bunny the bear 2012

DAMMIT: The Bunny The Bear Continue To Make Music

The Bunny The Bear have announced plans to release yet another album in May. The third worst band to sign to Victory Records in the last decade (behind Dr. Acula and Design The Skyline), The Bunny The Bear are one of the “insert word”-core acts that refuses to die even though the age of Myspace […]