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The Thermals Are So Attention Starved That They Posted A Nude Selfie

What happens when you want news coverage and you’re not doing anything news worthy? A normal person would probably suggest doing something to stand out. A rock band could consider a new album cycle, or going on tour… or posting a nude photo for no reason whatsoever. The Thermals, who describe themselves as “post-punk-power-pop,” said […]

the thermals desperate ground

The Thermals Sign To Saddle Creek, Announce New Album ‘Desperate Ground’

Unlike The Strokes, who are going to tease out every detail about their comeback/highly anticipated/buzzy new album, The Thermals don’t play coy. It’s already been a big 2013 for The Thermals. Pitchfork reported that Sub Pop, the first label home to the Portland, OR based group, is repressing and reissuing the band’s first three albums, colored vinyl […]

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