The World In Shambles

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MUSIC VIDEO: Drive A – The World In Shambles

In Drive A‘s new video for the title track “The World In Shambles” there is more than a little trash talking going on. The band make it a point to perform on-stage mocking America’s Got Talent, the Jersey Shore crew and the Glee cast. You will definitely get a few laughs so check out this […]

Drive A

Drive A partners with BitTorrent

Drive A, and independent outfit, have partnered with BitTorrent, hoping to utilize their file sharing system. The band started their own label, Dead Conflict Records, which produces their songs and music videos. They hope that BitTorrent will help them directly distribute their material to fans (provided they use BitTorrent, that is).

Drive A

REVIEW: Drive A – The World In Shambles

Artist: Drive A Album: The World In Shambles Genre: Rock/punk Label: Dead Conflict/EMI Records Rumors apparently abound that Drive A are a group of rich kids in disguise. I’ve found no evidence of same in my travels – indeed the only thing my searches turned out was a discovery that the bands I’ve to review […]

MUSIC VIDEO: Drive A – Let’s Have A Wreck

Drive A have revealed their brand new music video for “Let’s Have A Wreck” that can be viewed below. This song comes from the bands’ album The World In Shambles that was released today. What do you think about the song/video?