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The First Trailer For ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Has Arrived

Stop whatever you’re doing right now that does not involve looking at your website and allow yourself three minutes to become completely lost in the Marvel universe. Keeping their Geek Week events going strong, YouTube has rolled out the full trailer for this November’s comic book epic, Thor: The Dark World. The film is the […]


Tom Hiddleston Confirms Loki Will Not Appear In ‘The Avengers: Age Of Ultron’

Whether you thought his Loki-pokey stick at the beginning of Avengers was absurd or not, there is no denying that Joss Whedon and Tom Hiddleston formed a connection with viewers through the character of Loki, Thor’s often villainous brother, long before the film’s final frames hit the screen. Many assumed the film’s ending meant they […]


Drop Everything And Drool Over The First ‘THOR: The Dark World’ Trailer

“I gave you my word I would return…” The first teaser for Marvel Studios’ Thor: The Dark World has found its way online. Set for release this November, Thor: The Dark World will be the second film (after May’s Iron Man 3) in the Marvel Universe to take place in a post-Avengers world. When Earth […]