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MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Project Almanac’ Is Found Footage Fun

Film: Project Almanac Directed By: Dean Israelite Starring: Jonny Weston, Sofia Black D’Elia, Sam Lerner Teenage hormones are abound in this Michael Bay-produced effort about a group of young’ns grappling with the dangers of time travel. Adopting the found footage aesthetic of many features, Project Almanac attempts and mostly succeeds at taking something weary in […]

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MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Premature’

Film: Premature Starring: Craig Roberts, Katie Findlay Directed by: Dan Beers Groundhog’s Day meets American Pie in the new comedy Premature. Growing up is hard, and as well grow older we often wish we could have a second chance in various situations. Premature explores the possibilities of such an opportunity being presented, albeit without the […]


MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’

Film: Edge Of Tomorrow Starring: Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt Directed by: Doug Liman Though it falls short of its potential, Edge Of Tomorrow is as good as blockbuster science fiction will likely get in 2014. Tom Cruise is Major William Cage, an officer in the army who has managed to make it his entire career […]


Time Travel Film ‘Welcome To Yesterday’ Delayed Until Summer/Fall 2014

Just weeks away from its theatrical release the Michael Bay produced time travel film Welcome To Yesterday has been delayed. According to THR, Paramount Pictures has decided to delay Welcome To Yesterday in order to devise a better and more efficient marketing plan. The film, which follows a group of teenagers who construct a time […]


HOLY SH!T: Jay-Z Is An Illuminati Time Traveler?

Okay folks, calm down. That headline was meant to be ridiculous and no, we do not believe Jay-Z is a member of the illuminati or an actual time traveler. Everyone knows the Stone Cutters rule the world anyways. A few years back, actor Nicolas Cage got a nice boost of press coverage when a photo […]


Never Shout Never Tweet For A Track

Never Shout Never have been on a roll lately with the flow of new tunes and they aren’t planning on stopping any time soon. The group is offering up a special track, called “Smelyalata,” in exchange for a Tweet. What a great way to start your morning! All you have to do is simply click […]


UTG PHOTOS: Time Travel Tour (11/4/11)

Continuing with my crazy weekend in Grand Rapids, Under The Gun sent me, Tori Thomas, to the Time Travel Tour at The Orbit Room on November 4, 2011. The tour features Never Shout Never, A Rocket To The Moon, Fake Problems, and Carter Hulsey. Each act on the tour gave an excellent performance and grabbed […]


A Rocket To The Moon post tour update

A Rocket To The Moon are currently on the ‘Time Travel’ Tour with Never Shout Never. While on this tour, the band had a stop at the Puyallup Fair for a show, also featuring The Maine (not on the ‘Time Travel’ Tour). The band posted a video from the fair about their adventures, and them […]


Never Shout Never Interview With Front Row Live Ent.

Robert Herrera took some time to hang out with the guys from Never Shout Never while on their Time Travel Tour in Hollywood. The band talked a ton about their recent release, Time Travel, the new direction, upcoming projects and the extensive touring schedule coming up. NSN discuss the influences behind the record and where […]


Never Shout Never’s “Time Travel” Moves 10K First Week

Sometimes growing up isn’t as easy as you’d hoped it would be. Take for instance, Christofer Drew. His musical project, Never Shout Never, has been praised by fans and publications alike for years, but somehow it just isn’t translating to numbers. Today it was revealed Drew’s latest outing, Never Shout Never’s Time Travel, moved 10,000 […]


LYRIC VIDEO: Never Shout Never – Robots

Check out the lyric video for Never Shout Never‘s song “Robots.” This song comes of the bands latest release Time Travel, that you can order now on iTunes! This album has been very well-received by the UTG Staff and NSN’s fan base as well so give it a listen!


Never Shout Never Announce UK Tour

News of a 2012 UK tour for the guys in Never Shout Never has been announced and can be viewed right here on UTG. Please check out the dates by heading past the jump and let us know if you will be attending. Tickets will be on sale September 30.