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Tombs Release “Seance” Music Video

Ready to get a little trippy? If not, you might want to watch something else. Heavy metal outfit Tombs has released their official music video for “Seance.” The track, which originally appeared on the album Savage Gold, is now accompanied by visuals that impress upon the viewer a feeling of transcendence. As frontman Mike Hill […]


Tombs Are Now Selling ‘Savage Gold’ Coffee

Back in June, the metal gods known as Tombs released their highly-anticipated and insanely kickass new album Savage Gold to heaps of praise from around the globe. Now, less than a month later, they are back in our headlines with a new innovation that is sure to brighten every metalhead’s morning. A new company has […]


STREAM: Hierophant – “Son of the Tongue’s Prison”

Most listeners probably aren’t familiar with Italian band Hierophant. Fair enough; they’re only now gearing up for their sophomore release and their debut with Bridge Nine Records Great Mother: Holy Monster. I just hope that, given the information that I’ve just supplied, you can make an educated guess as to Hierophant’s sound. Ok, let’s go […]

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MUSIC VIDEO: Tombs – Passageways

Tombs have released their official music video for “Passageways.” Directed by David Brodsky, who truly makes the most of shadows and after effects, the video for “Passageways” is one every genre fan will love. The track is moody and brooding, exploring the sludgy depths of metal, and is brilliantly captured in the video. See for […]

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Tombs/Ulcerate Announce Tour

It has been revealed that Tombs and Ulcerate will be touring the US and Canada in May! The tour will start off in Philly on May 18 and end up at Maryland Deathfest X on May 27. This is a tour you need to see because both of these bands rock hard! Please click through […]


REVIEW: Tombs – Path Of Totality

“While Path of Totality is not really groundbreaking, it is a really solid album with lots of replay value, but I could very easily imagine anyone with a dislike of black or sludge metal having almost no interest in this album or any song within it. The real question becomes “Is this the best they’ve got or is there better yet?” It’s hard to imagine what Tombs could do better, but somehow it doesn’t feel like it’s the best they’ve got.”