Too True


Watch: Dum Dum Girls – “Under These Hands”

After using gobs of color for “Too True To Be Good” and, to a much greater degree, “Rimbaud Eyes,” Dum Dum Girls have completely drained the new video of it. The video for “Under These Hands,” part of All Saints’ London Sessions series, is a hip and stylish affair befitting for a clothing store. Glam punk, if that’s […]

Dum Dum Girls Rimbauld

Dum Dum Girls Release Colorful, Tamaryn-Directed Video For “Rimbaud Eyes”

Dum Dum Girls have teamed up with Tamaryn to release yet another color-resplendent, visually fluid music video from January’s Too True. Following up the cool-colored, flower-filled “Too True To Be Good,” “Rimbaud Eyes” leaps headfirst into the rabbit hole. The band, especially Dee Dee Penny, is irradiant, glowing with neon pastel colors as they play. Dee Dee traverses the red […]


Dum Dum Girls Release New Video For “Too True To Be Good”

Dum Dum Girls released an album we were quite taken with earlier this year in Too True. “Too True To Be Good,” a track off that album of similar name, has now been given a video to accompany. The video is flush flowers, which are bathed in by warm and cool colors in turn. Fireworks, lava, […]


REVIEW: Dum Dum Girls – ‘Too True’

Artist: Dum Dum Girls Album: Too True Genre: Indie Pop, Lo-Fi Label: Sub Pop The Dum Dum Girls that we have come to know and love through the years is all but gone. And in the case of Too True, it’s not a bad thing. The progression we have seen from the stripped down, lo-fi […]


Album Stream: Dum Dum Girls – ‘Too True’

Capability and consistency aren’t the most exciting descriptors, but we attach them to the delightful Dum Dum Girls without meaning anything back-handed. The California quartet has been releasing material regularly since forming in 2009, though their output dipped a bit in 2013, and it never fails to be thoroughly enjoyable. Too True, set to be released […]