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MUSIC VIDEO: Swimming With Dolphins – Sleep To Dream

Swimming With Dolphins have unveiled their latest music video for “Sleep To Dream” that can be be viewed right here on UTG. This song comes off of their Tooth and Nail release Water Colours and is directed by David Dutton. Watch it and let us know what you think.

LYRIC VIDEO: Swimming With Dolphins ft. MOD SUN – Good Times

Swimming With Dolphins have unveiled the lyric video for their new song “Good Times” featuring MOD SUN. This song is off of the group’s forthcoming release, entitled Water Colours, that is released on May 17th via Tooth & Nail Records.


UTG ROAD BLOG: Rocky Loves Emily (Week 1)

UTG has partnered with Tooth And Nail Records’ Rocky Loves Emily to bring you an exclusive weekly tour blog from the group’s current run on the Spring Fling Party Tour with Joy Island, Freshman 15, and the After Party. Click through to find our first update, written by Rocky Loves Emily guitarist Sean Kick.

Emery album details

Emery have revealed the details for their upcoming album We Do What We Want that hit stores on March 29th via Tooth & Nail. More info is provided after the jump.

INTERVIEW: Rocky Loves Emily

Under The Gun Review was fortunate enough to catch up with Sean Kick of Rocky Loves Emily late last week to discuss life on the road, signing with Tooth And Nail, plans for 2011, and what other bands should know when trying to promote on a national level.

Review: I Am Empire – Kings

Tooth And Nail has long been a label with an ear for the future of music. Again and again they have defined what the next phase in quote/unquote “rock” will be and 2011 looks to be no different as their latest signing, I Am Empire, have just released the first great heavy record of the year. Click through to find out more!

Detroit’s Rocky Loves Emily Signs

Check out details regarding who Rocky Loves Emily signed with after the jump!

The Classic Crime new album out soon!

The Classic Crime will release ‘Vagabonds’ on April 6th through Tooth and Nail Records. 1. A Perfect Voice 2. Cheap Shots 3. Solar Powered Life 4. Four Chords 5. Vagabonds 6. The Happy Nihlist 7. My Name 8. Everything & Nothing 9. The Count 10. Different Now 11. Broken Mess