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The Year of Rediscovery: Corey From’s End of the Year List

This year has been an interesting one for me, as far as music goes. I had an awakening. In one sense, it was weird, because as a late bloomer in the music scene, 2003-2004 were some prime years for me in developing my tastes. So to have artists like Coheed & Cambria, Midtown, blink-182, etc. all have anniversary years/shows/represses this year was cool for nostalgia and remembering my roots. With that being said, upon starting at UTG, my music taste was very far left of a majority of the stuff covered on this website, and I’d still say it’s not …

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Tyler Osborne’s ‘Best of 2013’ In Music

It’s coming to the end of 2013, and it’s been a really weird year. Almost every band and their mother has reunited, pop music is now punk music, and ten year anniversary tours are now a norm within the industry. Admittedly, this wasn’t my favorite year for music. Sure, there have been a lot of good albums, but I think the hype machine has been chugging along at a faster rate in 2013, promoting mediocre to good records as something that are better than they actually are.

All of that being said, I do believe that there were still some …


Michael Giegerich’s ‘Best of 2013’ In Music

I could preface my list of personal favorite records from 2013 with a stereotypical tangent concerning how difficult it was to handpick each choice, but that would be a completely boldfaced lie. Throughout the year, each one of these albums stood out to me as soon as they emerged from my headphones and latched onto my mind for the weeks and months that followed. That’s not to say there weren’t any surprises within my audio experiences, as a certain Pittsburgh rapper who wasn’t even on my musical radar ended up blowing me away while an old favorite managed to reach …


UTG LIST: 10 Essential Arnold Schwarzenegger Films

We strive to bring you the best featured content in the timeliest manner possible, but sometimes we lock horns and cannot stop debating a particular list until after our scheduled release. If we had a time machine this would have gone out on Friday, but sometimes the best things in life require a little bit of patience.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is without a doubt one of the most legendary action heroes to ever walk the Earth. He has battled foes with everything from swords to robotics, saved women and children of over a dozen ethnicities, and blown up pretty much every …

Under The Gun Review Top Best Albums 2012

UTG LIST: Best Albums of 2012

All year the Under the Gun Review staff has weighed in on what we thought about the albums the music scene had to offer. This year has been good to us musically, but it’s a really hard process to shave down to our ten favorites of the year.

As you’ll see when you read through our list, genre is not a factor as albums span all different styles and tastes, and is telling about the eclectic nature of our staff. After loads of nominations, voting, and arguments, UTG is very proud to share with you our favorite albums of 2012.…

Under The Gun Review

UTG’s Best Of 2012 (So Far…)

Seems like just yesterday we were rolling into 2012 with our “5 Bands To Watch” feature, but a glance at the calendar over the last week reminded the UTG staff that the year is already half gone. Discussing our triumphs and failures over the past few months lead to a discussion on the art that has stuck with us and, as always, the idea to release a new list feature was born.

If one thing is glaringly clear from entertainment in 2012, it’s that there is not only something for everyone, there is an abundance of it. We do our …


UTG LIST: The Essential Films Of Nicolas Cage

January 7, 2012 marks the 48th birthday of Nicolas Kim Coppola, known to most the world as Nicolas Cage. People can talk all they want about some of his recent film endeavors, or comment on rumors of real life troubles, but we here at UTG cannot deny our love for his body of work.

Sometimes on point, other times so off the beaten path it is actually amazing anyone can relate or connect, the filmography of Nicolas Cage (now at 68 titles according to IMDB) is one of legend. To celebrate the 48th anniversary of his birth, the UTGFilm department …

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UTG LIST: Top 10 Music Videos Of 2011

Continuing our celebration of 2011, Under The Gun Review is excited to unveil our picks for the best music videos of the year.

2011 was a damn creative year for the majority of the music industry. While many still clung to performance clips for dear life, hundreds (probably thousands) of great acts felt the creativity bug and offered up some really compelling visual accompaniments that we felt deserved a bit more of your attention. So without further ado, may we present our ten favorite clips of the year:

James Shotwell is the founder of Under The Gun Review.

Jay Are, Yung, C Smoove

EXCLUSIVE: Cali Swag District’s Party Essentials & “Kickback” Album Stream

In celebration of the release of their debut album The Kickback, UTG has teamed with Cali Swag District to make sure your next party is flawless. Click through now and be sure to pickup The Kickback this week!

“Cars 2” wins at the box office, loses with audience

The box office results are in and it turns out, no one cares if you’re the lowest scoring Pixar film ever on RottenTomatoes because people couldn’t drive fast enough to Cars 2 this weekend. Taking in $68 million, the film surpassed the opening of the original, but failed in comparison to Toy Story 3‘s $110 million weekend last year.

Bringing in $31 to arrive in second (but also fail with critics), Bad Teacher proved people love raunch, regardless of how original it is. Expectations for the film were averaging $20 million, so this has become a relative …

Top 10 Largest Concerts In History

Try and Guess What was #1. Bet you Can't