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UTG INTERVIEW: Iranian Journalist / Writer Maziar Bahari Talks ‘Rosewater,’ Jon Stewart, And Risky Journalism

Rosewater, the new film directed by The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart, is based upon a real man’s incarceration and torturing for reporting objectively during a dark time in Iran in June of 2009. Maziar Bahari is that man and UTG got to sit down with him to talk about the film, its production, and his […]


MOVIE REVIEW: Would You Rather

Movie: Would You Rather Director: David Guy Levy Distributor: Periscope Entertainment It’s pretty hard to make torture-based horror interesting these days. Ever since Saw and Hostel emerged over a decade ago the world has been consistently flooded with imitations heavy on gore, but light on anything worth remembering. It’s a fine line of subgenre entertainment […]