Greeley Estates Release EP Tracklistings

Greeley Estates have released the tracklist for both of their upcoming EPs; The Narrow Road and Devil Son. While there is no official release date for Devil Son yet, The Narrow Road is set to be released November 20. We hope to know what the release date is for Devil Son very soon, and the […]


NGHBRS Release Album Art and Tracklisting for Upcoming Mixtape

A few months back, I happened upon a band called NGHBRS whilst perusing the related artist’s section of Spotify. I was taken aback by the talent I heard and became instantly hooked. Last year they released Hellomind, an 8 song album full of melodic guitar and vocals. It’s extremely catchy, but has you begging for […]


Anberlin Reveal ‘Vital’ Tracklisting on

Today on, the site’s new Senior Editor, Drew Beringer exclusively revealed the tracklist to Anberlin‘s forthcoming album Vital. Hitting shelves on October 16, Vital will be 11 tracks in length. 2 of those being “Self-Starter” and “Someone Anyone” which made their online premiers here and here respectively. The tracklisting can be found below.   1. Self-Starter […]

Broadway 2012

Broadway Releases Album Art and Tracklisting

Broadway‘s long-awaited Gentleman’s Brawl is only a few weeks away! Yes, after some production issues and a slight member change, this Florida rock group are back on track and looking to impress. Today absolutepunk got to premiere the album’s artwork and track listing. We’ve also got the goods right here. 1. Party At Sean’s House […]