Arcade Fire We Exist Andrew Garfield

Watch Andrew Garfield Nail His Trans Role in Arcade Fire’s “We Exist” Music Video

There’s been a lot of talk surrounding Arcade Fire’s newest album, Reflektor. Part of that comes from one of the songs, “We Exist,” telling the story of a son coming out to his father. Now, a few weeks after the band posted a teaser for the music video where Andrew Garfield was dressed in drag during their Coachella […]

Now, Now 2011

Now, Now Sign With Trans/Stream New Song

Indie rockers Now, Now have announced their signing to Chris Walla’s (Death Cab For Cutie) label Trans. Congratulations to the trio! To get a taste of what the group’s style is like click through and listen to “Dead Oaks.” This soft track combines elements we’ve seen from Death Cab, as well as the group’s own […]