Watch Forevermore’s Music Video For “Transcendence”

Last month metal outfit Forevermore dropped their debut full-length album, Telos, through Solid State Records. It’s been nearly a month since the album’s release, and now the group has taken the time to premiere a music video for one of its tracks. The video is for the song “Transcendence,” and you can watch it below. […]

Captain America 2 Still

‘Captain America 2’ Clings to Top Position for Third Consecutive Week

While facing off against time itself and three new films that have charted on this weekend’s top ten, Captain America: Winter Soldier has held its ground, and made $26.6 million in the process. If this estimate is correct, then that would mean that Marvel Studios has made over $200 million in domestic sales off of […]


5 Movies That Mishandle Future Tech As Badly As ’Transcendence’

The future is both incredibly exciting and horribly terrifying at the same time. You never know what breakthroughs will be discovered from one day to the next, nor do you know who will be in control of said innovation once it has been found, and over the last several decades Hollywood has made many promising […]


Johnny Depp Shines In Second ‘Transcendence’ Trailer

The second full trailer for Transcendence has found its way online. If the first trailer for Transcendence hooked you, this may be a good time to turn away before you risk spoiling potentially large portions of the movie. That’s not a slam against the marketing team behind this futuristic thriller, but anytime you’re messing with […]


Watch The Full Trailer For ‘Transcendence’

Cinematographer Wally Pfister will be releasing his directorial debut, Transcendence, April 17, 2014. A frequent collaborator with Christopher Nolan, (Pfister did the cinematography for all Dark Knight films) Pfister’s debut will be produced by Nolan. Up until this point we have only had a teaser to tide us over, but now we have a full, […]


Depp Speaks in ‘Transcendence’ Teaser Trailer

If the teaser released earlier this week for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar wasn’t vague enough for you, Transcendence is here to up the ante. The film is the directorial debut from longtime Nolan cinematographer Wally Pfister and stars Johnny Depp as a scientist who becomes the target of an anti-technology organization as he and his colleagues […]