Mike Jones – The Voice

Artist: Mike Jones Album: The Voice Genre: Hip Hop Label:Ice Age/Warner Bros. Not only in hip hop, but often in this genre, an act will bust out the gates with a massive, all consuming single that launches them to stardom. Mike Jones is a prime example with his now outdated, “Back Then,” from his debut […]

Vice on Victory – Glitter & Gold

Artist: Vice on Victory Album: Glitter & Gold Genre: Pop Rock Label: Standby I, as am sure all music journalists do, have a tendency to go easy on bands from my area [this being Ohio/Michigan], but there are limits. I’ve gone through brutal punk [Hellmouth] and everything else under the sun in these two states, […]

Dot Dot Curve :) – Till The Wheels Fall Off

Artist: Dot Dot Curve :) Album: Till The Wheels Fall Off Genre: Crunkcore Label: Standby Back in November, we brought you our views on this then little known group called Brokencyde. Since then, that review has become our most popular topic, but in addition, the group has exploded onto the music scene. Everywhere, much to […]


Brokencyde – BC13

Band: Brokencyde Album: BC13 Genre:  Scene Electronic Label: Suburban Noize Tracks: 1. Freaxxx 2. Sex Toyz 3. Schitzo 4. Hofosho 5. Bree Bree Last week, UTG grinded a few gears with our review of Jeffree Star’s abomination of an EP and this week; we’re kicking it up a notch. It’s not that we have anything […]