trust issues

Tyler Carter

STREAM: Tyler Carter – Trust Issues (Drake Cover)

Tyler Carter has been keeping himself busy. To keep the creative juices flowing and his voice strong, the ex Woe Is Me vocalist has been covering several popular songs and posting them on his Youtube account. Tonight, he posted a link to his latest recording, a cover of Drake’s “Trust Issues.” Carter said it himself, “I’m […]


STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Justin Bieber – Trust Issues (Drake Cover)

When you think hip hop covers and remixes, Justin Bieber is probably not atop your talent list unless you’re a tween that think Weezy is the “hardest in the game.” Regardless, Biebs has made touchdown in the RnB world this morning with the release of HIS version of Drizzy Drake’s ballad “Trust Issues.” The song, […]

STREAM: The Weeknd – Trust Issue (remix)

The Weeknd and Drake have been becoming closer and closer over the last few months. Not only helping each other write, but now even remixing each other’s songs. Click below to stream The Weeknd’s version “Trust Issues” now! So, who did it better? Do you prefer Drake’s rap-sing delivery or the smooth tones of The […]

STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Drake – Trust Issues

Drake has loosed another track with no apparent source or destination. Click below to stream the freaking fantastic “Trust Issues” and feel free to grab a copy for yourself as well! Take Care, which this song may or may not be on, hits stores in October.