Nicki Minaj Releases “Anaconda” Video, Puts Miley To Shame

Move over Ms. Cyrus, there is another pop queen who wants a little time in the controversy spotlight. Nicki Minaj has never been one to shy away from her sexuality, and it she made it clear she was holding no punches when she revealed the cover art to her latest single, “Anaconda,” a few weeks […]

Jim Norton

Whitney Cummings Appears On Episode 3 Of ‘The Jim Norton Show’

I don’t how often you stop by UTG, but if you’re regular visitor you have no doubt noticed that we have been covering Jim Norton a lot in recent weeks. We don’t feature a lot of web shows, but what Norton is doing through his Vice-sponsored project is something truly unique (and incredibly hilarious). We […]

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HOLY SH!T: This ‘Raid 2’ Deleted Scene Is Better Than Most Of The Films Released So Far This Year

Full disclosure: I saw The Raid 2: Berandal just over a week ago and found it to be one of the most thrilling and chaotic action epics of all-time. It’s a testament to the fact there is still room for creativity in an age where filmmaking is plagued by redundancy, and it’s sure to be […]

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Behemoth Release Beautifully Haunting (and NSFW) Video For “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel”

There have been teasers and clips of Behemoth’s new single, “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel,” floating around online for weeks. The crushing snippets let us know the band was going to deliver some of their heaviest material to date, and this morning they made good on that promise by delivering the song with an accompanying video […]


Kanye West Releases “Bound 2” Video

After much hype and anticipation, Kanye West has released the official video for his latest Yeezus single, “Bound 2.” Debuting on Ellen yesterday afternoon, “Bound 2” finds Kanye performing extensively in front of a green screen filled with beautifully captured shots of nature. When not dancing in front of the camera, West is straddling a […]


‘Anchorman 2’ Director Teases Alternate Version Featuring All-New Jokes

If there is one comedy the world is impatiently waiting for it’s Anchorman 2. Having been teased since 2012 and discussed for years before that, the return of Ron Burgundy and the Action News Team has been a long time coming, and if director Adam McKay is to be believed, there may be two versions […]


Hear Tony Brummel Threaten ADTR On Original Edit Of “The Document Speaks For Itself”

C’mon, Tony. You’re making this way too easy on the rest of us. Anyone connected with the emo/alt scene over the last decade needs no introduction to Tony Brummel, owner of Victory Records. His label is responsible for ushering in some of the biggest trends in the scene, but it’s equally, if not more known […]

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Rihanna Releases “Pour It Up” Video

I spent about five minutes writing and rewriting headlines before settling on the most generic thing I could think of, and you want to know why? After writing about Rihanna and her incessant need to force her sex appeal in our faces for years I have finally run out of catchy headlines that are less […]


MUSIC VIDEO: Waka Flocka Flame ft. Drake – Round Of Applause (Uncut)

MTV premiered the video for “Round Of Applause” last week, but UTG has the version you didn’t see! Actualizing the storyline teased in the promos and censored video, the uncut “Round Of Applause” video is even more intoxicating than the original. Waka has never sounded better and Drake delivers his usual greatness. Check out the […]


MOVIE TRAILER: The Thing (Red Band)

Only weeks away from release, The Thing finally gives us something worth sinking our teeth into. The remake that’s actually a prequel with the original’s name (confused? us too) is due out this October, but today the internet was blessed with its’ first legitimate look at the film thanks to a stunning red band trailer. […]


STREAM: Childish Gambino – Bonfire (Explicit/CD Quality)

The uncut, CD quality version of Childish Gambino’s new single has finally hit the net. “Bonfire,” the first single from Gambino debut album Camp, can be streamed after the jump. Gambino has received a lot of backlash for his consistant use of 8th note rap, but we’re still on board. How about you? Does “Bonfire” […]


The following clip is NSFW. If you don’t know what that means, allow us to introduce you to the internet. Lucky McKee struck horror-culture gold earlier this year when a man stormed out of a screening of The Woman and footage of the event went viral: So what is the big fuss about? Well, The […]