underneath the gun

Underneath The Gun calls it quits. Under The Gun still alive!

Ferret Music artists, Underneath The Gun have announced the unfortunate dissolution of the band. Due to growing health concerns from singer Harrison DeGrote, which prevents him from touring, the band have been forced to part ways. Underneath the Gun will be dropping off of the Artery Metal Tour and will play their last show on […]


Faith based Ferret band Underneath The Gun just sent us back an interview we’ve been working on for awhile. That’s right, UTG talking to UTG. You knew it had to happen, so here it is! UTGR: Hey guys, how are you doing today? UTG: We’re doing great. Busy, but great! UTGR: Now, “Forfeit Misfortunes,” has […]

Underneath The Gun – Forfeit Misfortunes

Band: Underneath The Gun Album: Forfeit Misfortunes Genre: Death Metal laced Hardcore Label: Ferret Tracks: 1. Cutting Ties, Breathing Lies 2. Reflection of the Commonwealth 3. Looking Deep in Shallow Water 4. Pentinence 5.A Sharp Definition of Dull 6. Shawshank Absolution 7. No Place For Pardon 8. Crescendo 9. Rising Words 10.  Breathing New Lungs […]