First Red Band ‘Vacation’ Trailer Is Hilariously Self-Aware

“…I’ve never even heard of the original Vacation.” The first trailer for the upcoming reboot/sequel of National Lampoon’s iconic Vacation franchise has arrived, and it is every bit as hilariously self-aware as one could hope. Starring Ed Helms as a grown up Rusty Griswold, Vacation finds Helms hoping to keep his family connected by embarking […]

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Adam Sandler Admits His Films Are Thinly Veiled Excuses To Go On Paid Vacations

For the better part of the last decade film critics and movie goers alike have searched for reasons why Adam Sandler’s career has essentially tanked. Punch Drunk Love lead many to believe the actor was going to spend the 2000s expanding his brand in Hollywood, but here we are more than a decade later and […]


UTG Has a Pop Music Crush On G.R.L.

Pop music has been dominated with boy bands in recent years, but we at UTG believe it’s past time for another girl group to dominate the charts. If you agree, read on and prepare to dance. Allow us to introduce you to a new girl group known as G.R.L., which consists of 5 members; Lauren […]


Ed Helms to star in ‘Vacation’

Variety announced recently that The Office/Hangover star Ed Helms is in talks to take the lead role in the upcoming Vacation sequel/reboot. The movie will be a continuation of the franchise, following 1983’s National Lampoon’s Vacation, 1985’s European Vacation, 1989’s Christmas Vacation, and 1997’s Vegas Vacation, where Helms will play Rusty, a role played by […]


Weekend Dads/City Mouse Exclusive Streams

Absolutepunk are hosting two exclusive streams today, with Weekend Dads and City Mouse, which come off of The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore compilation. This special Adeline Records compilation includes 16 songs from acts such as Dear Landlord, Mixtapes, Lipstick Homicide, the Dopamines, House Boat, Vacation, the Max Levine Ensemble, Emily’s Army, Mean Jeans, Be […]

Justin Bieber taking time off to “think, pray, and grow up”

You know you’ve made it when you no longer have to work in order to survive. Justin Bieber is only seventeen-years-old, but has already reached this point of financial stability (probably many times over) and is proving so by taking a month off from work. “I’ve been working so hard, I’m taking a month off,” […]