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The American Scene Reveal #hazedrops

Following the release of their killer new single, “Royal Blue,” The American Scene has released information regarding a new promotional campaign in which fans can physically locate USB drives all over the U.S. containing singles from their upcoming LP, Haze.

The first drop, of the aptly named “hazedrops,” can be found in specific spots located in Boston, MA, Oakland, CA, Portland, OR, Long Island, NY, Philadelphia, PA, and soon enough San Diego, CA. Each city’s information comes with a mapped area, and a small clue about where you can find the drop. The American Scene’s website claims …


Here Is The Reason Why Everyone Is Suddenly Interested In Avril Lavigne Again

Avril Lavigne – aka Mrs. Chad Kroeger – has gone through many musical evolutions since the days when she hung out with Sk8r Bois at the local mall, but her latest transformation may baffle even longtime supporters (if those even exist at this point).

“Hello Kitty” is the latest single and video to be release from Lavigne as a means to promote her 2013 self-titled album. It’s a wildly chaotic clip, which finds Avril and a team of Japanese dancers attempting to spark viral video trendiness with over-the-top visuals, weird costumes, and all the bright colors you can possibly imagine. …


General Zod Requests The Return Of Superman In ‘Man Of Steel’ Viral Video

The comic book movie to beat in Summer 2013 is undoubtedly Man Of Steel, and this morning a new viral ad for the feature found its way online.

Released through various video and social networks by Warner Bros, a message from cryptic General Zod requesting the return of Superman from planet Earth is now available for streaming. The message and accompanying clip does not reveal the look of Zod, who is being portrayed by Take Shelter star Michael Shannon, but those watching carefully can see glimpses of his silhouette teased throughout the footage. You can view the clip below.…

The Summer Set 2013

The Summer Set Are The Half Moon Kids

Rockers The Summer Set have revealed today that they are the dynamic group behind The Half Moon Kids viral campaign. Check out a message from them below and let us know if you will continue to follow The Half Moon Kids on this special journey.

“The Half Moon Kids started as a tight knit group of friends on a midnight walk one warm summers night. The Half Moon Kids soon became a collective consciousness, a train of thought, that turned one seemingly light hearted night into a new perception of reality. The Half Moon Kids is a community that shares

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HOLY SH!T: Is Someone Teasing A New Monster Movie?

Being king of the geeks has its perks, and earlier today the folks at /Film appear to have been tipped off about the possibility of a new monster movie, or something similar, via a cell phone.

Peter Sciretta, Editor of /Film, writes:

Tonight I received a mysterious message on my cellphone along with an equally mysterious attached video. At first I thought this might be footage from new viral movie campaign, but I couldn’t think of a movie being released this year that might fit. The text was in Portugese, which I had translated to English via Google. I


She’s Back! Overly Attached Girlfriend Releases Mashup Video

We rarely have an opportunity to take part in the popular memes sweeping the web, but the recent rise of Overly Attached Girlfriend plays so well into our world we cannot resist covering her.

For those unaware, the Overly Attached Girlfriend is actually a rather cute 20-something who simply makes hilarious (or to some, creepy) videos under the persona of a female obsessed with a member of the opposite sex. She started with a parody of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend,” then began making international headlines with her take on “Call Me Maybe,” and now she’s back for round three. …

Prometheus Movie Poster

WATCH: Weyland Industries Introduces David 8 in new Prometheus Viral Video

We are all excited for the June 1st release of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. In fact, our excitement would be boiling over the edge of our metaphorical pot if not for the absolutely fantastic viral marketing campaign being done by the Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

The latest of viral video from the team behind this summer’s biggest sci-fi thriller is an introduction to David 8. The latest synthetic human product from the Weyland Corporation. This just released version of David has the most advanced artificial intelligence programming seen at this point in the Alien universe. In his birthday video, …


HOLY SH!T: Will “Ferris Bueller 2” Be Announced During The Super Bowl? (Video)

The world has heard nothing from Ferris Bueller since his 1986 escapade, but a new online teaser has cinephiles everywhere in a frenzy.

Posted online by a mysterious YouTube user known as ChuckaChucka2012, a new 10-second viral video has lead many to believe the long-rumored sequel to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off may indeed be arriving later this year. You can view the video after the jump.

As exciting as the possibility of Ferris Bueller’s Other Day Off is, we cannot help feeling a bit of sadness of the idea even Ferris could not escape the clutches of “the man.”

What …

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WATCH: Eight-Year-Old Girl Releases Hardcore Song, Video

An eight-year-old girl from Australia name Juliet has released her first hardcore song and, believe it or not, it slays.

Okay, maybe young Juliet does not “slay,” but the video she released this morning for “My First Hardcore Song” definitely feels poised to go viral. We still have few details on the girl outside of her apparent YouTube fame, but according to the description:

8 yr old Juliet teamed up with the hottest producer ROB SHARPE this school holidays and smashed out this BRUTAL track.. Juliet takes you on a journey of her love for her dog, Robert and how


The Promise Ring Post Strange Viral Video, Hint At 2012 Tour

The Promise Ring continue to tease fans today with the release of a short and vague viral clip that is sure to spawn a wealth of rumors and conversation.

The clip, which you can view below, was uploaded to the band’s official Vimeo account around 3pm on Monday, November 21. The clip runs just under 40 seconds and features a montage of locales and views from car/van windows. The band then tweeted “and i fear it’s all coming back, coming back. It’s all coming back to me…” along with a link to the video and the hashtag #TPR2012 roughly an …


Joseph Gordon-Levitt Covers R. Kelly’s “Remix To Ignition”

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been dipping his toes into the musical waters over the past few years, but a few nights ago in Ohio he did something we never expected.

While appearing at Ohio State University, JGL took to the stage with an acoustic guitar to perform the R. Kelly classic “Remix To Ignition.” You can view the performance, which is every bit as hilarious as it sounds, after the jump.

I’m a big fan of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but as a guy I also hate him for his ability to make what I assume are college-aged girls turn into tweens …


MUSIC VIDEO: Electric Valentine – Girl, You Got Skrillex Hair

Electronic dance rock act Electric Valentine are bound to go viral today after releasing a hilarious new song and video entitled “Girl, You Got Skrillex Hair.”

Poking fun at ladies who like to shave parts of their head, “Girl, You Got Skrillex Hair” is Electric Valentine have a good time, cracking jokes, and inciting a dance party against a thick barrage of bass and synth. You can hear the song and watch the extremely funny music video after the jump.

We haven’t covered Electric Valentine much on UTG, but hopefully this promotion will bring them new listeners. There’s a big …