slow down

VOKES debuts “Slow Down”

VOKES has displayed a knack for delivering wonderfully soulful vibes throughout 2016, and with the release of “Slow Down,” the trend continues onward. Lyrically encompassing the fear of loving again after premature heartbreak, the newest single from his forthcoming Fractals EP exists in a moody, downtempo atmosphere before breaking out into an upbeat hook soaked in layers […]


VOKES Premieres “Value”

After releasing a fantastic debut single in “Cruel Game,” VOKES has returned with “Value,” the second offering from his forthcoming EP. Taking a milder route this time around in terms of pace, the track progressively twists and turns through various approaches to modern electronic music as stretched-out synth lines and clattering percussion fluctuate underneath VOKES’ smooth vocal delivery. […]


Artist: VOKES Song: “Cruel Game” Album: Fractalism VOKES‘ debut single, “Cruel Game,” is a multi-faceted piece of work that masterfully rides the line between past and present. While offered in a sleek pop-package, the track ebbs and flows with an overwhelming sense of life; woodblock-esque percussion in the background evokes a quirky 1980s aesthetic and funky guitar-work plucks […]