Watching Movies

Mac Miller 2013

WATCH: Mac Miller – “Watching Movies”

Now that Mac Miller‘s “Watching Movies” has been streaming for a month, it’s time we see it in a new eerie music video. “Watching Movies” gets a creepy makeover in its music video, a stark contrast from hilarious video for “S.D.S.” (watch it here). Flickering TVs and endless religious imagery shape the video before Miller […]

Mac Miller 2013

STREAM: Mac Miller – “Watching Movies”

Mac Miller is ready to stream the brand new track, “Watching Movies.” This song will be coming off of his sophomore effort, Watching Movies With The Sound Off, which is scheduled for release at some point in 2013 through Rostrum Records. If you have not seen the hilarious music video for S.D.S. please click over […]