World Peace Is None of Your Business


Don’t Believe The Hype: Morrissey Was Not Dropped By His Record Label

Last week, Morrissey fan site True To You sent the internet into a tizzy when it claimed to have learned that Moz was dropped from his label, Harvest Records, due to the performance of World Peace Is None Of Your Business. Turns out, discussing the relationship Morrissey has with his label is none of True […]


Morrissey Streams New Album, ‘World Peace Is None Of Your Business,’ In Full

The wait is over, fellow Moz lovers. After months of promotion and a handful of spoken word videos that offered as much confusion as enlightenment, the man, myth, and legend known as Morrissey has deemed us worthy of hearing his new album. Moz has never been one to do things the easy way, and as […]


Required Listening: Morrissey – “The Bullfighter Dies”

Morrissey may have been forced to cancel his North American tour on account of illness, but that is not stopping the aging rock icon from sharing material off his forthcoming studio album. “The Bullfighter Dies” is one of many new songs Morrissey debuted while touring the US in recent weeks. The upbeat track offers a […]


Morrissey Cancels Remaining US Tour Dates, Drama Ensues

After battling illness for the better part of the last week and pulling himself together for a critically acclaimed performance in Boston over the weekend, Morrissey has announced that he will not be finishing his current US tour due to ongoing respiratory infection. Last night, our friends at Vanyaland received a message alerting them to […]


Watch: Morrissey Debuts “Kick The Bride Down The Aisle” In Boston

After being forced to cancel a handful of performances last week, Morrissey returned to the stage in Boston over the weekend and surprised fans with the live debut of a brand new song. “Kick The Bride Down The Aisle” is one of many songs set to appear on Morrissey’s upcoming album, World Peace Is None […]


Morrissey Streams “Earth Is The Loneliest Planet”

Just days after releasing a spoken word video featuring Pamela Anderson, Morrissey has partnered with Spotify to stream another song off his upcoming album. “Earth Is The Loneliest Planet” found its way onto Spotify yesterday afternoon. The track is the latest in a string of promotional singles to appear online ahead of the official release […]


Morrissey Sits On A Rooftop With Pamela Anderson In “Earth is the Loneliest Planet” Spoken Word Video

Oh, Morrissey. You make the melancholy beautiful, and now you’re doing it while seated by one of the most beautiful people on Earth. Moz has spent the better part of the last month sharing unique video clips featuring spoken word versions of songs from his upcoming studio album, World Peace Is None Of Your Business. […]


Required Listening: Morrissey – “Istanbul”

The man we treat like a deity who goes by the name Morrissey has released a new song that further solidifies our undying devotion to everything he creates. Arriving online a week after the title track to World Peace Is None Of Your Business surfaced, “Istanbul” finds Morrissey channeling his funk influences through a groovy […]


Watch Morrissey’s Bizarre ‘World Peace Is None Of Your Business’ Promo Video

Unofficial drama major and The Smiths frontman Morrissey is all set to release his brilliantly named new album, World Peace Is None Of Your Business, July 15 via Harvest. To promote the record, he’s released a video that’s not quite a teaser clip and not quite a music video. It’s a promo, for sure, but its contents […]


Morrissey Wins The Award For Best Album Title Of 2014 (That We Just Made Up)

Back in January we learned that Morrissey is planning to release his long-awaited follow-up to 2009’s Years Of Refusal. We cheered, then cried, and then cheered some more. According to a post on True To You, it seems we can now confirm that Morrissey’s new album will be titled World Peace Is None of Your […]