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MOVIE REVIEW: A Haunted House

Film: A Haunted House Director: Michael Tiddes Writer: Marlon Wayans, Rick Alvarez Studio: IM Global Octane, Wayans Bros. Entertainment There are few things harder to sit through than bad comedy. When a drama isn’t as heartbreaking as it should be, or a horror not as gut-wrenching as the trailer promises, people get upset, but when […]


MOVIE REVIEW: The Green Lantern

“There always has and always will be bad superhero films. From the original Superman sequels (especially the one with Richard Pryor), to Elektra or Ghost Rider, sometimes the translation from page to screen is simply too much for one director with tons of money and people at their disposal to handle. Don’t believe me? Just ask Martin Campbell. I’m sure he never envisioned his shot at comic book glory becoming one of the worst adaptations ever, but it happens. “