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FOR THE LOVE OF FILM: The 5 Best Worst Films Of 2012

For The Love Of Film is a weekly column from film nerd and lover of all movies Justin Proper. Sometimes you need some help to figure out how to enjoy movies, and we are here to help! No longer will you need to fear movie night because your friends have no taste in film. With this column you will be able to love even the worst gems to ever grace the silver screen.

The end of the year is fast approaching (maybe even the end of the world if you are dumb) and that means it is time to …


REVIEW: “Taken 2”

Film: Taken 2
Starring: Liam Neeson
Directed by: Olivier Megaton

I have done my best over the years to accept every sequel that came down the Hollywood pipeline with an open mind. We live in a time where the demand for video content makes anything with even the slightest diehard fanbase worthy of becoming a franchise (as long as it can be done cheaply, of course), and this weekend moviegoers around the world will likely witness first hand what happens when the desire to cash in outweighs the notion of quality filmmaking. Taken 2 is as far from a proper …


How Bad Is It?! “The Devil Inside”

Head of the UTG film department and mastermind behind Reasonable Remakes, Justin Proper has brought us another new column. Ladies and gentleman, allow us to introduce you to: How Bad Is It?

Movies are the number one source of entertainment according to a statistic I just made up. Everyone loves going to the movies. It’s a standard date night, and has helped millions of teens awkwardly hold hands in the dark. Movies are a great escape from reality, and help people relieve the stress of their lives. Unfortunately every once in a while a movie gets released that ruins the …