xmas music


STREAM: August Burns Red – Sleigh Bells

Have you checked a calendar recently? October is right around the corner, which means Christmas is closer than you think. Don’t agree? Think it’s too soon? Too bad. Christmas music doesn’t care, and those who record it will do whatever it takes to ensure your trick r’ treat memories are laced with dreams of sugar […]

No Sleep Records release holiday sampler

No Sleep Records have released their second annual holiday sampler. It can be Downloaded HERE!!!! Tracklist: 1. Into It. Over It. – Westmont, NJ 2. Double Vision – What a Christmas 3. I Am Alaska – Carol of the Bells 4. Kill Wealthy Dowager – Father Christmas 5. Rush Coil – Gloria

Free Secret Secret Dino Club Xmas EP!

Secret Secret Dino Club has teamed up with Glamour Kills Clothing to bring you a BRAND NEW and COMPLETELY FREE Holiday EP! Look below for the group performing an acoustic rendition of one of the songs and then click the link below to download the album. If you want to know what it sounds like, […]