xoxo panda and the new kid revival

We Interviewed Marc Bianchi – aka – Her Space Holiday!

Yesterday, we spoke to Marc Bianchi [Her Space Holiday] on the phone about his upcoming album XOXO, Panda and The New Kid Revival. This release is one of [UTGJ James’ favorite albums of the year on the way [Oct. 7th], and we felt it necessary to take a few minutes to talk to the mastermind […]

Her Space Holiday – XOXO, Panda and The New Kid Revival

Band: Her Space Holiday Album: XOXO, Panda And The New Kid Revival Genre: Indie Pop/Rock Label: Mush Tracks: 1. The New Kid Revival 2. The Truth Hurts So This Should Be Painless 3. The Heartbreak Moment 4. The Year in Review 5. No More Good Ideas 6. The Boys and Girls 7. Sleepy Tigers 8. […]