Ylvis Take On New England With “Massachusetts”

Forget about asking what foxes say, the men of Ylvis have delivered a new single that is quickly sweeping the blogosphere with feel-good hilarity. This is a weird one to write about as I am currently in Boston, but Ylvis have released a new single and hilarious video titled “Massachusetts.” The song serves as an […]


Watch Ylvis and The Roots perform “The Fox” on Jimmy Fallon

Ylvis has the biggest internet sensation and what is likely this year’s greatest one hit wonder right now with their song, “The Fox.” The Norwegian brothers have gotten so much attention from their ridiculous yet addicting track that they got the chance to perform it on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this week. Somehow Ylvis […]

Said The Whale

Said The Whale Release Their Own Version Of “The Fox” By Ylvis

The internet’s most recent viral video is by two Norwegian brothers who are known as Ylvis. They released a catchy song titled “The Fox” that has some outlandish lyrics, costumes and choreography. Our friends in Said The Whale decided to whip up their own version in a matter of hours, titled “The Whale,” with their […]


LOL: Ylvis Release “The Fox”

Norway has served as the birth place of many great musicians, but no two have ever been quite as odd as brothers Bård Ylvisåker and Vegard Ylvisåker, otherwise known as Ylvis. Their unique brand of comedy blends classic and modern styles of storytelling, as well as the occasional musical number, and today we’re proud to […]