your truly


REVIEW: Paradise Fears – Yours Truly

Yours Truly is a sprightly experience, one that certainly makes a valiant effort to take your breath away. It could be just me that didn’t quite react in any definitive way, as there is plenty of promise and some very enjoyable tunes here, particularly the title one. I just can’t figure out whether it’s sincere and lovable, or slightly turgid. Either way, probably best to take it at face value and play on. Give it a spin for cheeriness alone.”

STREAM: Sublime With Rome ft. Wiz Khalifa – Can You Feel It

As of this past year Sublime With Rome have been very cautious to release a ton of new material from their July 12 release, Yours Truly. As of recent the group have revealed a new song with rap sensation Wiz Khalifa called “Can You Feel It.” Take a minute of your time, chill out and […]