ZZ Ward


Entire Coachella Lineup Announced

When you live in the northwest, like I do, it’s hard to imagine that there will be sunshine ever again when it’s this time of year. Have no fear though, as music festival season is nearly upon us. Now is a great time to start dreaming of warmer weather and looking forward to what the […]


ZZ Ward Streams “Everybody Wants To Be Famous”

Record Store Day 2013 is only a few days away, and slowly but surely new music recorded for release on that oh so special day is beginning to make its way online. We have held off on posting tracks thus far because nothing really piqued our interest, but then ZZ Ward went and released a […]


EXCLUSIVE: ZZ Ward Performs “Put The Gun Down” Acoustic

ZZ Ward is one artist who is truly unlike anyone else working in music today. Her fierce stage presence and no holds barred approach to storytelling has set her apart from her peers, and we could not be more excited to present you with an exclusive acoustic performance of one of our favorite songs. Recently, […]

Zz ward

UTG Interview: ZZ Ward

With her bold voice and charming personality there is absolutely no reason why ZZ Ward should not take over the world. With a bluesy sound spliced softly with hip-hop and protest singer influences, Ward seems to come at you from all angles. Sure, her sound can effortlessly be written-off as resembling Adele and Amy Winehouse, […]