UTG INTERVIEW: Broderick Batts talks living in L.A. and challenging listeners

broderick batts

Musicians in the 21st century are afforded the ability to hurdle their region’s perceived shortcomings, broadcast their artistic vision to the world, and stake their claim in the industry from there. That’s the reason Broderick Batts, a Tampa Bay native, has lived in L.A. for two years after his irresistible fusion of hip-hop, R&B, and soul (referred to as “NuuSoul”) rapidly connected with audiences across the internet. Read more »

UTG INTERVIEW: Mark Lavengood shares insights into bluegrass and touring

mark lavengood

When you think of music from Michigan, there are probably a lot of places your mind goes instantly. Wether it’s the expansive work that came out of Motown, 8 Mile star and rapper Eminem, pop icon Madonna, or your dad listening to Bob Seger, Michigan has had its share of famous musicians from a wide variety of genres. Despite this, many people aren’t aware that Michigan has a thriving community of bluegrass and Americana musicians. Whether from big cities like Grand Rapids or smaller towns and bergs, Michigan’s bluegrass scene is a thriving and vibrant scene. No one embodies this more than Mark Lavengood. Read more »

StéLouse and DEVAULT link up for “All I Need”

StéLouse and DEVAULT have premiered a brand new collaboration via Trap Nation. Titled “All I Need,” the cut stretches a vocal sample to exciting lengths as the duo carefully thread it through a blend of trap and future bass; the end result is a powerful yet melodic concoction that climaxes as the modulated voice cries, “come and set me free.”

Give “All I Need” a listen and grab a free download of the track after the jump.

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AWAY remixes Kiiara’s “Feels”

Los Angeles producer AWAY has joined Moving Castle artists Jai Wolf and Hotel Garuda in remixing Kiiara’s low kii savage standout, “Feels.” Featuring Kiiara’s ethereal vocals from the original R&B cut, AWAY transforms the track into a future-bass laden assault on the senses as flairs of percussion rattle away and synthesizers gracefully flutter along in tandem.

Check out AWAY’s “Feels” remix below and be sure to follow UTG on Twitter for more music news. Read more »

REVIEW: Gojira continue to evolve with ‘Magma’

gojira magma

Artist: Gojira
Album: Magma
Label: Roadrunner Records
Genre: Metal

When a long-running band has worked hard to carve out its own niche in a genre, and when it is also able to create an instantly identifiable, unique sound, that band is in rare company. Gojira has done just that. Wild left turns have alienated many a fanbase and complicated (not to mention shortened) many careers, which is exactly why some acts never try to mix it up. With Magma, Gojira boldly leaps into some uncharted waters. Read more »

Popeska returns with “Doing Me Wrong”

Atlanta producer Popeska has returned from two years of virtual silence to unleash a brand new single. Titled “Doing Me Wrong,” the first taste of his Spirit Animals LP finds waves of colorful future-bass organically ebbing and flowing with every drop.

Beyond “Doing Me Wrong,” he plans to complete Spirit Animals by releasing a new song from its tracklist every two weeks after expressing displeasure with current business models in the music industry.

Give Popeska’s latest a listen and be sure to grab a free download of the track after the jump.

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REVIEW: ‘Strange Little Birds’ is Garbage that’s worth picking up


Artist: Garbage
Album: Strange Little Birds
Genre: Alternative Rock

For most of us who remember Garbage from the 90s, their first two albums, Garbage and 2.0, are the definition of what we love about the band: Shirley Manson’s sultry yet haunting vocals, a backing band equal parts trip-hop, industrial, grunge, and a lot of the alternative rock that is very much associated with the time period. Their most enduring works like singles “Stupid Girl,” “Only Happy When It Rains,” “I Think I’m Paranoid,” “When I Grow Up,” “Special,” and “Push It” (among others) all had a keen pop sensibility. Subsequent albums Beautiful Garbage, Bleed Like Me, and Not Your Kind of People saw the band stretching out without quite dominating the airwaves like before. Read more »

DEVAULT and Wildfire remix Mssingno’s “XE2”

Mssingno’s contemplative, Flume-backed “XE2” gained major traction last year due to its utter malleability in the hands of talented production minds.

Thus, it’s no surprise the track has been revived once more, this time by trap producers DEVAULT and Wildfire. The duo accelerates the original’s infamous R.Kelly sample into overdrive for just the right amount of tension before unleashing a potent mixture of trap and future bass that outright overwhelms the senses.

Check out DEVAULT and Wildfire’s remix below and be sure to snag a free download of the track as well.

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Oshi and D∆WN debut “Lemonade Lakes”

As part of Adidas and Yours Truly’s #songsfromscratch series, Oshi and D∆WN have teamed up for a gorgeous new single. Titled “Lemonade Lakes,” it manages to carry the unmistakable vibes of a club-ready track without ever accelerating into upward tempo territory as a groovy bass-line and stuttering house percussion introspectively swirl under D∆WN’s transcendental vocals.

Give “Lemonade Lakes” a listen after the jump and be sure to check out the making of the song on #songsfromscratch as well.

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UTG PREMIERE: Hymn – ‘Mouth’ EP

hymn premiere

Pennsylvania indie/emo quintet Hymn are just a week out from the official release of their debut EP, titled Mouth, which will be available through Running Around Records as of June 17. Today, we’ve teamed with the band to share the four-track effort in full for your listening pleasure. Sharing influences with home state neighbors like Tigers Jaw, Petal, Superheaven, and the like, Hymn meld elements of punk, emo, and indie rock into a formula that fans of any of those bands will surely find satisfaction in. Read more »

Falcons takes on GoldLink’s “Late Night”

GoldLink’s future-bounce sound is ripe for producers to flip, so it’s no surprise Falcons has blessed us with a weighty rework of “Late Night.” His take on the And After That, We Didn’t Talk cut speeds up the percussion behind Masego’s vocals before unleashing a pervasive synth-line that grinds along without refrain, rough edges and all.

Give Falcons’ “Late Night” remix a listen after the jump and be sure to cop a free download before they’re all gone.

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MYRNE and Dirty Chocolate enlist JJ for “Intermission”

Producers MYRNE and Dirty Chocolate have teamed up with singer/songwriter JJ for an ultra-smooth collaboration.

Titled “Intermission,” the Daruma-backed release finds JJ gracefully navigating an array of minimalistic trap percussion and keys as she sings “shooting stars don’t look back, nothing more than dead light.” Once she steps away from the microphone during the song’s half-way point, MYRNE and Dirty Chocolate elaborate on their instrumentals with diversified percussion patterns and alluring synths before JJ reclaims center-stage once more.

Check out “Intermission” after the jump and be sure to follow UTG on Twitter for more music news.
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