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The Aviation Orange/Eric Scholz – Untitled [Split]

Band: The Aviation Orange/Eric Scholz Album: Untitled [Split] Genre: Indie/Folk Label: Feels Like Home Records Tracks: The Aviation Orange 1. CCSS 2. Hips and Maladies 3. Malloriegh 4. Seattle Slide 5. Fade Away Eric Scholz 6. White Fence 7. Lonesome Dan 8. Sure Thing 9. Every Shade of Blue 10. In Your Hands 11. Saturday […]

Unsigned Spotlight -Parade The Day – To Keep Us Moving

Band: Parade The Day Album: To Keep Us Moving [Re-Release] Genre: Piano Rock/Pop Tracks: 1. American Dream 2. Now I’m Awake 3. Break This Town 4. Growing Old 5. Say You’re Wrong 6. City Lights 7. American Dream [acoustic] 8. City Lights [Acoustic] Sometimes I hear a band and want to slap every A&R person […]