Trapt – Only Through The Pain

Band: Trapt
Album: Only Through The Pain
Genre: Rock
Label: Eleven Seven
1. Wasteland
2. Whose Going Home With You Tonight
3. Contagious
4. Black Rose
5. Ready When You Are
6. Forget About The Rain
7. Cover Up
8. Only One in Color
9. Wherever She Goes
10. Curiosity Kills
11. Last Tear

When I was a young child, I enjoyed the song “Headstrong” by Trapt quite a bit so I thought, “why not review them.” I would just like to start off by saying there is not one song on this entire album that gives any small glimpse of the sound we heard in headstrong. Nevertheless I still had hope for one track on the album to be a hit.

Normally I don’t listen to mainstream music at all, but I thought I would make an exception and review them. The album has kind of a more mellow sound then I would expect or approve of in most cases, but at the same time, I respect each and every genre as long as the artist shows the faintest sign of talent. As far as Only Through the Pain showing talent, it seemed to be hit or miss, typically miss.

Now if there was one song on Only Through The Pain that is close to being a good song, it would be the song entitled “Contagious.” Overall it’s not that bad of a track at all. The lyrics are decent. The sound is well…very generic not entirely innovative but its still a decent song. It’s kind of catchy also. “Black Rose” was also a pretty alright song. It starts out pretty mellow and then mildly turns into a quicker, more energetic song then back to mellow and repeats several times. The lyrics were pretty good and I liked the message behind the song. The guitar riffs were pretty well written and the vocals appeared to be well thought out. There was actually a pretty sweet little solo thrown in there towards the end.

Now on behalf of the rest of the album, it’s bland, mainstream, uninspired, and there’s really not a lot to it. It’s kind of a bore. Instrumentally, there isn’t much of anything to any of the other tracks on here. Lyrically, content is sub-par, as I have stated it seemed to lack inspiration.

I would not advise buying this album to anyone at all, but “Black Rose” and “Contagious” are worth checking out if you are a Trapt fan. I think they went into the studio with an extreme lack of inspiration on this cd. From the sound of it, they wanted to make money and don’t care about playhow they s anymore. I think they have a lot more talent then they let show on this album.

*Written By: Danny Weiss*

GRADE: 3/10

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