NeverShoutNever! – Me & My Uke EP

Band: NeverShoutNever!
Album: Me & My Uke
Genre: Acoustic/Pop
Label: Unsigned

1. Trouble
2. Your Biggest Fan
3. Did it Hurt

We’ve run into Christofer Drew a few times over the last year. First there was the ridiculously catchy, Yippee EP and then came his hardcore side project and now we’re back to NSN once more. Me & My Uke is a free three song EP from Drew that just another attempt by the young man to keep his fans satisfied and moreso, happy. He still continues on without a label, but with how his fame is rising, it’s easy to see why signing a deal is farther back in his mind. If you thought his bubble would burst, I hate to tell you, but you’re still sadly mistaken

“Trouble,” is the first track of Drew and his ukulele that we encounter on this quick journey. It’s quick paced and seems to snoically reference Jason Mraz a lot. There are some similarities between the two when you think about it. Both Drew and Mraz are pretty faced acoustic singers with a lot of creativity and a gift with words. Drew is just significantly younger than Mraz at this point. Though it’s just a boy and one instrument, “Trouble,” still has a top 40 pop feel to it. The second track, “Your Biggest Fan,” has been floating around the internets for awhile now in demo form, but it is pleasant to finally get the completed version of this track. This is the most developed of the 3 tracks and probably the one people will attach to first. As far as the closer, “Did It Hurt,” this is where we find Drew slipping a bit too much into cliche territory.  This track radiates Hellogoodbye, but in a way that’s more  annoying than cute and jsut leaves you a bit let down.

Overall, the really is no reason someone shouldn’t seek out the Me & My Uke EP. Free music is free music [especially when it’s LEGAL]. Through 3 different releases now, Christofer Drew has continually hit us catchy songwriting and his youthfully angelic voice. Girls swoon over him, guys want to be like him, but there’s only one Christofer Drew. My generation [the early 20 yr. olds] have Conor Oberst and Chris Carrabba, The new generation – has Christofer Drew.

*Written By: James Shotwell*
Grade: 8/10

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7 Responses to “NeverShoutNever! – Me & My Uke EP”

  1. Deja says:

    me and chris are husband and wife

  2. Leah says:

    Huh, why is there only 3 tracks? :(
    My favourite one’s Did it hurt.
    And I’m probably fonna learn to play the Uke, ’cause I felt in love with this cute thing. huhuuu. : D

  3. Leah says:

    Hey, I Love Chris’ voyce, honestly.

  4. OMGG i love christofer drew ingle. . . !!!! he’s so pretty (:

  5. jordan nichole says:


  6. Bela says:

    I <3 his voice ^~^ I think he’s cute

  7. Kariannehoff says:

    I sooo badly wanna meet him, his voice is amazing, and so is his lyrics. you just fall in loveee with them for sure! I listen to his songs over and over and over again! I never get sick of his voice or songs!