Archive for February 24th, 2009

P.O.S. – Never Better

Band: P.O.S. Album: Never Better Genre: Rap Label: Rhymesayers Tracks: 1. Let It Rattle 2. Drumroll 3. Savion Glover 4. Purexed 5. Graves 6. Goodbye 7. Get Smokes 8. Been Afraid 9. Low Light Low Life 10. The Basics 11. Out Of Category 12. Optimist 13. Terrorish 14. Never Better 15. The Brave and The […]

Podcast! Victory!

Some of our closest family in the music industry, Victory Records, has a new podcast out and we’re posting it here for your viewing pleasure – enjoy! *Written By: James Shotwell*

The Wonder Years/All Or Nothing – Distances

  Band: The Wonder Years/All Or Nothing Album: Distance [SPLIT] Genre: Pop Punk Label: No Sleep Tracks: 1. An Elegy for Baby Blue – TWY 2. Don’t Open The Fridge – TWY 3. I’m Not Being Rude, But I Could Have Had Your Job – AON 4. Summer Vacation in Providence – AON 5. This […]

Within The Ruins – Creature

Band: Within The Ruins Album: Creature Genre: Hard-Metal-Core Label: Victory Tracks: 1. The Book of Books 2. Arsenal 3. Dig A Ditch 4. Call Off The Wedding 5. Extinguish Them 6. Jump Ship 7. Creature 8. Tractor Pull 9. Holy Mess 10. Victory Victory is metal, well, for the most part. Sure, there’s the stellar […]