Archive for June 9th, 2009

Max B. headed to the big house

I’m actually excited about this news. Max B., former DipSet member, is headed to jail for a very long time after being found guilty for murder charges that stemmed from a 2007 robbery. I will admit that Max B. has released a few good mixtapes in the past, but filth like this does not belong […]

Download Laws & DJ Smallz new mixtape for FREE

Laws & DJ Smallz – Your Future Favorite Rapper: Unsigned rappers are always hotter than the signed ones–this I can promise you. If you want to listen to some REAL lyrics and some music with substance in the content…then download this mixtape NOW. At least check out the track R.A.P.P.E.R. because that song talks […]

U-God talks Dopium @ barbershop

U-God – Dopium (in stores June 23rd) U-God stays dropping science on his fans–even while getting his hair lined up. Listen in as he talks about his new album Dopium, gives economic advice, and gets a ticket from the police. Thanks to iHipHop for the video.

UTG Review’s Exclusive Interview With DZK

I had a chance to sit down and press the record button during an interview with DZK, an unsigned rapper on the brink of making huge moves with his upcoming untitled album. View the exclusive interview on our stream here and be on the look out for more promotion covering DZK on UTG in the […]