Red Car Wire – From The Start

redcarwireArtist: Red Car Wire
Album: From The Start
Genre: Pop Punk

When summer comes around you tend to hear a lot of generic bands that mash together decent vocals with some basic chord progressions. Red Car Wire has set themselves apart from the other artists in this genre going against the cliche’ of mediocrity in the pop/alternative world. They have a very upbeat tempo to their songs but also can slow it down with songs using the piano to chill the mood. The vocals have some great dimensions and their lead singer (Evan) can easily fill his voice to the mood to shape each song.

The First song on the EP starts out with the lead singer (Evan) professing “This song is about hope” in the opening lyrics of the song, “Some Lights Are Dark”. The opening guitar is a for sure to make you bob your head. It doesn’t hesitate to show off the singers amazing vocals that combines great with the back up vocals. The drums give the perfect beat to keep this track moving during the entire song.

The next song “Recovery” is a great follow up song because it just keeps the EP moving right from the beginning. The lyrics for this are great. “Were just two kids in America, fight, breathe, fight, make up, make out…” Such great lyrics have been missing the music scene for this summer. This song also has a great build up to the final chorus at the end of the song.

The third track on the EP is called “Back to me”. This song is the most pumped up song on this release being that as soon as the vocals kick in it just keeps moving. It also adds a cliché “clap clap” during the song, a technique which I feel is greatly over used now a days, but extremely effective in this song. Evan shows another side of his voice on this track and nails it.

“Head Rush”, the fourth track, slows it down a bit and is a perfect summer-time love song. It features the piano and it just makes the song complete. It’s a song where you can take the lyrics out and send it to your special someone. “I’m just a little off track, but your making it feel all right”.

All-in-all Red Car Wire is a great group for people who are regular listeners of bands like All Time Low and Boys Like Girls. They put their own unique spin into the music to make themselves noticeably standout from the rest of the scene.
This is definitely a band you will want to hear more music from!


Score: 7/10

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