Century Media Releases More Than 60 Titles Online

Century Media Releases More Than 60 Titles Online

With March Metal Month in full swing around the US, we at Century Media Records want to push as much brutality on all our loyal metal-coinsures as possible . To accomplish this, we asked the guards to lend us their keys to our rusty, slightly decrepit Vault which holds the history of Century Media Records inside. What we found was some seriously savages albums that have never seen the light of day outside of Europe.

To rectify this situation, we knew the only answer was to get this digitized as soon as humanly possible, and the outcome is what we like to call The Century Media Vault Series, which documents more than 60 titles ranging from as far back as 1991 and as current as 2010. Starting with “Tortured Existence” by Demolition Hammer and ending with the new Aborted EP entitled “Coronary Reconstruction,” along with singles and other bits of greatness from the likes of Lacuna Coil and The Gathering to name a few, we’re hoping some of these titles will help you through the month and keep your ears satisfied.

The best news? Every title is $7.99 or less for the entire month of March! To check out all the titles currently available on iTunes, Amazon, and other digital vendors, follow the link below


Catalogue of titles:

$400 Suits – Never Give What You Can’t Take Back

Aborted – Coronary Reconstruction EP

Alastis – Unity

Asphyx – Embrace the Death

Asphyx – On the Wings of Inferno

Comecon – Fable Frolic

Dark Fortress – Seance

Dark Tranquillity – Lost to Apathy (EP)

Demolition Hammer – Tortured Existence

Dragonland – Astronomy

Dream Evil – Children of the Night (EP)

Einherjer – Far Far North (Single)

Evenfall – Cumbersome

Evenfall – Still in the Grey Dying

Extol – Undeceived

Firewind – Breaking the Silence (Single)

Firewind – Falling to Pieces (Single)

Flowing Tears – Jade

Lacuna Coil – Heaven’s A Lie (Single)

Lacuna Coil – Spellbound (Single)

Lacuna Coil – Swamped (Single)

Leviathan – Riddles, Questions, Poetry & Outrage

Machine Men – Circus of Fools

Madder Mortem – All Flesh is Grass

Marble Arch – Another Sunday Bright

Mercyless – Coloured Funeral

Moonspell – Everything Invaded (Single)

Moonspell – Opium (Single)

Moonspell – Second Skin

Morgul – Sketch of Supposed Murder

Morgul – The Horror Grandeur

My Ruin – The Shape of Things to Come

Nocturnal Rites – Never Again (Single)

Novembre – Classica

Novembre – Dreams D’azur

Novembre – Novembrine Waltz

Paradise Lost – The Anatomy of Melancholy

Poisonblack – Bear The Cross (Single)

Release – End of the Light

Runemagick – Enter The Realm Of Death

Runemagick – Resurrection in Blood

Runemagick – The Supreme Force of Eternity

Sacramentum – The Coming Of Chaos

Sacramentum – Thy Black Destiny

Scheitan – Nemesis

Suidakra – Emprise to Avalon

Suidakra – Signs for the Fallen

Sundown – Glimmer

Sundown – Halo (Single)

Tad Morose – Modus Vivendi

The Bones – Burnout Boulevard

The Gathering – Strange Machines EP

Tiamat – Brighter Than The Sun EP

Tiamat – For Her Pleasure

Twin Obscenity – Bloodstone

Vasaria – Vasaria

Verbal Abuse – Red, White, and Violent

Zimmers Hole – Bound By Fire

Zimmers Hole – Legion Of Flames

Zonata – Reality

Zonata – Tunes of Steel

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