Single Review: Lil Wayne – “6’7′”

Artist: Lil Wayne feat. Cory Gunz
Song: 6’7′

Weezy’s back. Now what?

Like anyone else even minimally interested in the world of hip hop, I spent much of 2010 awaiting the return of Lil Wayne. Having been letdown by Rebirth and only mildly amused by I Am Not A Human Being, I decided to give Weezy one more chance after hearing his latest material was actually written by Wayne before he entered the studio (something Wayne hasn’t done in over three years). Finally, the day I’d been nervously awaiting came last week as “6’7′,” the lead single off The Carter IV, hit the net. I waited 20 listens to write a word and then gave it another ten to confirm my thoughts. Weezy may be back, but has he really given us a reason to care?

Much like “A Milli” took the net by storm months before The Carter III, “6’7′” finds Wayne riding a simple beat as a means to showcase his expansive wordplay with no care to radio/tv appeal in hopes of proving his “true skill” in the hip hop game. This is a smart move for Wayne as it gives him a chance to make good to those let down from (all) material he released earlier by doing exactly what he does best – rap. The only problem is that this time around. Wayne has almost nothing (new) to say.

Now before you get your hip hop purist panties in a twist, let me explain. I’m not saying Wayne isn’t still the cream of the crop in hip hop, but doing the bare minimum is nothing to celebrate. Outside of a few extremely brilliant moments (“Paper chasing, tell that paper, Look, I’m right behind ya, bitch, real G’s move in silence like lasagna,” and, “woman of my dreams, I don’t sleep so I can’t find her” in particular), the track is filled with talk of beating the beat up, young money running things, cash money having money, and details on how Wayne has sex and swag like you couldn’t believe. Sound familiar to anyone else? While I respect an artist using the same source material again and again, at least be more creative with it (especially when you’re considered one of the most creative in your genre). People WILL notice repetition, eventually.

Don’t free though, all hope is not entirely lost for those of you who spent $0.99 on this song as an appearance from Cory Gunz pulls “6’7′” out of the trash bin at the last possible moment. Though a new member of the YM family, Gunz rides the beat (dare I say) better than Wayne and leaves the booth on fire after a rather underwhelming start.

After at least 30 spins of “6’7′,” and more rewrites than the last Superman script, I have to say I’m done with Lil’ Wayne for the time being. There is no denying his talent with wordplay and skillful delivery, but how many times can you sell me the same lyrical content before enough is enough? At least we have plenty of Cory Gunz to look forward to which is good because it seem Young Money may need more help than expected in the near future.

Score: 5.5/10
Review written by: James Shotwell

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