Westboro Baptist Church to protest Ryan Dunn’s funeral

This should have come as no surprise, but it still made stomachs turn.

The Westboro Baptist Church, famous for protesting funerals and informing us that “God Hates Fags,” have announced they will protest the memorial services for fallen Jackass star Ryan Dunn.

Dunn, who also appeared on the hit MTV show Viva La Bam, died in a car accident in Pennsylvania earlier this week. He was 34.

You can view the press release from the church below (or here):

Personally, we at UTG are disgusted by this “church” and their followers. We understand they do it all for attention and we are partially to blame for giving it to them, but at some point enough has to be enough.

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One Response to “Westboro Baptist Church to protest Ryan Dunn’s funeral”

  1. Cullenhampton says:

    That church is stupid he just died and they wanna be little immature bitches about it. I mean how is that saposed to make his family feel or his fans that were sad when he passed they need to shut up and find a real church and this “church ” will go to hell