Iwrestledabearonce Release “A Beary Scary Movie” Trailer

Next month will mark the one year anniversary of Iwrestledabearonce premiering their horror film, A Beary Scary Movie, at Rock And Shock USA. Since that time, the group has done a slew of reshoots and released only a single teaser trailer…Until now.

Bloody-Disgusting were fortunate enough to get their hands on the first official trailer for A Beary Scary Movie, and UTG could not be more excited to share the visual goodness with you. The film centers around a bloodthirsty monster named Shreddy who is hellbent on killing the members of IWABO, as well as anyone else who crosses his path. You can view the trailer below.

Even with all this awesome content, A Beary Scary Movie still has no release date. Stay tuned for more information.

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One Response to “Iwrestledabearonce Release “A Beary Scary Movie” Trailer”

  1. Kriston says:

    I am stupidly excited to see this.