War Games Explain Single Delay, Announce Acoustic EP

Southern Massachusetts indie rock band War Games have posted a short update to fans regarding the delay of their new single, when their full length will be released, and to unveil plans for another new release in the near future.

#WarGamesWednesday has been a recurring event in the lives of War Games fans for a solid portion of 2013. Every hump day in recent memory has come with some kind of news update from the band, including things as simple as the launch of a Vine account, but today’s update was a bit different. Writing an open letter of sorts to supporters, War Games posted:

Happy #Wargameswednesday friends!

To those patiently waiting to hear a single from us hang in there. If you don’t already know Ace Enders of “The Early November” produced, engineered and will be mixing the first single off of our full length album which is expected to come out end of this year. The Early November coming straight off of Slam Dunk fest, the release of “I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody’s Business” new album (which everyone should check out) and Warped Tour has cause a slight delay in the release of the single. It will be worth the wait we promise.

In the mean time get stoked on an acoustic EP we are currently working on per your request! You guys asked for it, told us what songs you wanted to hear and now we are working on it. Stay happy and healthy.

Love, War Games

To say we’re excited for War Games new release(s) would be an understatement. If you’re not yet acquainted with the band’s work, click here and get familiar.

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