UTG PHOTOS: Imagine Dragons With The Neighbourhood (7/30/13)

Under The Gun sent Head of Photography, Kellie Gannon, to check out Imagine Dragons at Jacobs Pavilion in Cleveland on July 30, 2013.

Every summer, a tour comes through town that surpasses all the rest. Summer is a time for incredible shows available at outdoor venues, offering fans a chance to cherish the warm weather, summer nights, and soundtrack of their favorite bands set amidst dusk in the city. If I had to vote on a breakout tour that exceeded my expectations and was the best of summer 2013, Imagine Dragons with The Neighbourhood would be it.

Imagine Dragons headlined Jacobs Pavilion along with support from The Neighbourhood and Terraplane Sun. It was a stunning summer night in Cleveland and Jacobs Pavilion was completely sold out, not an empty seat in the house. The following photo set features two very different bands and two very different color schemes for a reason. The Neighbourhood is known for their love of black-and-white, showcased during their cult favorite “Sweater Weather” which was also their encore song of the night. They played hit after hit off their 2013 album release, I Love You., and had fans of all ages dancing and singing along.

Imagine Dragons graced the crowd with a dramatically different stage performance. By now, the sun had retreated beyond the horizon and a beautiful indigo sky took its place against a menagerie of city lights. Imagine Dragons took the stage, silhouetted in a dim but striking backdrop of lights. The show began with an intense drum session as drums of all shapes and sizes were positioned around the stage. They proceeded to play an incredibly energetic and colorful show complete with drum and guitar solos as lead vocalist, Dan Reynolds, bounced around every inch of the stage. They played just about every song off their 2012 acclaimed album, Night Visions. At one point, gigantic balloons full of confetti were released into the crowd. Imagine Dragons wrapped up one of the best shows this summer with radio hit, “Radioactive” after thanking fans for allowing them to follow their passion and play night after night.

Check out the photos from this tour below. Black-and-white for The Neighbourhood, and unedited/raw/brilliant color for Imagine Dragons. Then check out the full set here!!



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